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Safeguarding Children


Child protection and safeguarding is a vital and potentially lifesaving duty of anyone who works with children. In taking our courses, you can ensure that you understand your responsibilities for any children under your care, and feel confident in carrying out the appropriate actions should you have any concerns. Child protection training is important for everyone no matter your occupation nor how frequently you work with children and/or their families.


This Introduction to Safeguarding Children course is a positive first step towards increasing and improving your knowledge and will provide you with a thorough overview of how to recognise the warning signs of abuse, what to do with any concerns that you may have and how to feel confident in protecting children from harm.

The Course

The course uses a variety of written text, interactive exercises and real-life cases to help you understand more about your responsibilities

Safeguarding children is a responsibility of all professions and so this training course is suitable for anybody required to take training as part of their role. It is a requirement for all those working with children and/or their families to have knowledge of how to safeguard children and by taking this training course you will fulfil that obligation.

This course is written at an introductory level and so no previous knowledge is required. The course is also suitable for workers of all levels, including managers, supervisors, full-time staff, part-time staff and volunteers.

The course is divided into five accessible, interactive modules and includes an assessment at the end. The modules can be found to the right.


  • Introduction – what is safeguarding and why is it important? Victoria Climbié, your responsibilities and how safeguarding is relevant to your role.
  • Recognising the Signs of Abuse – statistics, how child abuse is defined, categories of child abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, vulnerable children, recognising the signs and indicators of abuse.
  • Responding to a Disclosure – how a concern may come to your attention, disclosures from a child and how to respond, how not to respond, why children don’t disclose information, why adults don’t take action and next steps.
  • Reporting Your Concerns – your responsibilities, how to report an incident and who to report to, what to do if a report isn’t taken seriously, what to do if the concerns are about a professional, when to report a concern, what to report, talking to the child’s parents and what happens next.
  • Recording Information – when to record your concerns, what to record and record keeping tips.