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Stroke Awareness


Aims The aims of this Stroke Awareness Downloadable Distance Learning Pack are to help all those who care for others to understand the signs of stroke and to enable them to take the correct course of action and give emergency treatment to limit the impact of stroke long term.


  • Identify the differing types of stroke
  • Highlight the key indicators or signs of stroke
  • Recognise the importance of immediate action
  • Highlight other complications & recognizing communication difficulties
  • Review preventative measures and lifestyle impact
  • Review the treatments and tests for stroke
  • Providing support


Learning Outcomes

On completion of this Stroke Awareness distance learning pack each candidate will be able to:

  • Identify the appropriate care and treatment for stroke emergencies
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of stroke
  • Identify those most at risk from stroke
  • Highlight and  implement appropriate preventative measures
  • Highlight how emergency services can help and be contacted
  • Recognise the long term impact of failing to react to stroke signs/symptoms