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Catheter Care


• Define what the term Catheterisation means and identify Types of Catheter • Explain the purpose for catheterisation and how Catheterisation works • Recognise the varying types and common equipment used in catheterisation • Highlight risks and how to care for each individual sensitively and appropriately

A urinary catheter is a flexible tube used to empty the bladder and collect urine in a drainage bag.

Urinary catheters are usually inserted by a doctor or nurse.  They can either be inserted through the tube that carries urine out of the bladder (urethral catheter) or through a small opening made in your lower tummy (suprapubic catheter). The catheter usually remains in the bladder, allowing urine to flow through it and into a drainage bag

A urinary catheter is usually used when people have difficulty urinating naturally. It can also be used to empty the bladder before or after surgery and to help perform certain tests. Depending on the type of catheter you have and why it's being used, the catheter may be removed after a few minutes, hours or days, or it may be needed for the long term.