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Safer People Handling Train the Trainer & Risk Assessment Enquire Now


Aims This Safer People Handling (Manual Handling) Train the Trainer & Risk Assessment Training course is a developmental course for those with responsibility for manual handling training or those who are risk assessing for manual handling. This course is an intense three day course that takes the candidate through a set format of theoretical and practical manual handling issues, each candidate wil

Course Content

Course Content

Module One: Day one
Principles legislation
Key responsibilities (poor practice)

Module Two: Day one
Functional anatomy of the spine
Risk assessment
Client, staff, equipment

Module Three: Day two
Hoisting and transfer aids
Safe practice
Duty of care

Module Four: Day Two
Physical handling
Skin viability
Practical techniques day

Module Five: Day three 
Practical technique's assessment

Module Six: Day three 
Practical technique's assessment
Micro teach

Train the Trainer Element
•Responsibilities and Initial assessment 
•Session planning and design
•Teaching and learning approaches
•Record keeping
•The learning environment and resources
•Assessment & constructive feedback

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course each candidate will be able to:

•Be aware of responsibilities and role as a teacher
•Build a basic lesson plan and develop a session
•Gain insight into learning needs and teaching styles
•Highlight the key records that need keeping and why
•Highlight how to prepare the environment to aid learning
•Identify a range of assessment methods and appropriate feedback

Available Course Dates

Date / Start Start Time End Time Location Price Spaces Action
2020-07-13Monday 13th July, 2020
2020-07-14Tuesday 14th July, 2020
09:30:00 16:30:00 The Care School £296.00
3 BookEnquire
2020-09-09Wednesday 9th September, 2020
2020-09-10Thursday 10th September, 2020
09:30:00 16:30:00 The Care School £296.00
7 BookEnquire
2020-11-09Monday 9th November, 2020
2020-11-10Tuesday 10th November, 2020
2020-11-11Wednesday 11th November, 2020
09:30:00 16:30:00 The Care School £296.00
12 BookEnquire
2021-01-06Wednesday 6th January, 2021
2021-01-07Thursday 7th January, 2021
2021-01-08Friday 8th January, 2021
09:30:00 16:30:00 The Care School £296.00
12 BookEnquire
2021-03-29Monday 29th March, 2021
2021-03-30Tuesday 30th March, 2021
2021-03-31Wednesday 31st March, 2021
09:30:00 16:30:00 The Care School £296.00
12 BookEnquire
2021-05-17Monday 17th May, 2021
2021-05-18Tuesday 18th May, 2021
2021-05-19Wednesday 19th May, 2021
09:30:00 16:30:00 The Care School £296.00
12 BookEnquire
2021-07-21Wednesday 21st July, 2021
2021-07-22Thursday 22nd July, 2021
2021-07-23Friday 23rd July, 2021
09:30:00 16:30:00 The Care School £296.00
12 BookEnquire
What our customers say

I would like to convey our genuine appreciation for the recent course you ran on “Caring Achieved by learning from Memory” (C.A.L.M). This was an exceptional course which gave genuine and practical insight on caring for individuals with Dementia in the moment. The course content was very detailed and delivered with real passion by the lecturer (Chris). I am more than happy to highly recommend this course for anyone (management, carers, relatives) caring for someone with Dementia. My team came out of the course ‘buzzing’ with ideas of how to move forward and improve our approaches to ensure consistent ‘Positive Outcomes’ for our visited clients. The lecturer was able to provide practical tools (Spotting pages, 3 Golden Rules, Thoughts/feelings/behaviour tringle, etc) and explained in simple, understandable language how best to use these and how to evidence for CQC, but more importantly how best to involve our care team in the process. To date this has been one of the most informative and passionate courses I have been on for caring for Dementia.

Andrew Crabtree
Registered Manager, Ladies in Waiting

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