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Aims Is to develop a bespoke and consistent culture within any service of non-confrontational intervention, with a clear emphasis on the very minimum amount of physical contact at any point, this course is designed specifically for service who not only have a policy of none physical intervention but wish to develop a set of key therapeutic skills as the main approach to the prevention of crisis, c

Course Content

Course Content

Introduction to crisis and its definition
Adopting a bespoke culture to all interventions
The key therapeutic skills and tools 
Identifying negative and inappropriate approaches to anxiety
Recognising the personal impact on others
Therapeutic and positively driven language and body language
Learning constructive ways to handle stressful situations
Developing a learning circle within the organization
Safe low holds and the philosophy of holding
Breaching the philosophy 
Safe disengagement 
Stress management
Positive re-inforcement
Bataris Box
Engaging the Thinking brain
Moonwalking Bear
Human Brain
The tracks of Autism/Autistic Thinking
Adopting a new approach
LARA - listening skills

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Service and Client Centred Outcomes
The team will have a consistent approach that is based upon what works for each individual 
The therapeutic skills will impact positively on the lives of each individual being supported the staff team will be more confident and experience fewer episodes of aggression
The service will experience far less conflict leading to an enhanced quality of life for a each individual being supported
A broader range of staff can quickly become eligible to work in this environment given its clear philosophy and low physical approach
Long term well-being impact across the service and staff retention is enhanced

What our customers say

I would like to convey our genuine appreciation for the recent course you ran on “Caring Achieved by learning from Memory” (C.A.L.M). This was an exceptional course which gave genuine and practical insight on caring for individuals with Dementia in the moment. The course content was very detailed and delivered with real passion by the lecturer (Chris). I am more than happy to highly recommend this course for anyone (management, carers, relatives) caring for someone with Dementia. My team came out of the course ‘buzzing’ with ideas of how to move forward and improve our approaches to ensure consistent ‘Positive Outcomes’ for our visited clients. The lecturer was able to provide practical tools (Spotting pages, 3 Golden Rules, Thoughts/feelings/behaviour tringle, etc) and explained in simple, understandable language how best to use these and how to evidence for CQC, but more importantly how best to involve our care team in the process. To date this has been one of the most informative and passionate courses I have been on for caring for Dementia.

Andrew Crabtree
Registered Manager, Ladies in Waiting

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