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Introduction to Managing Challenging Behaviour Enquire Now


Aims To equip each candidate with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage situations they find challenging, it will give each candidate a clearer understanding of how to respond, react and cope with difficult situations in order to stay safe and confident whilst at work

Course Content

Course Content

What is Challenging Behaviour?
Causes of Challenging Behaviour
Managing Challenging Behaviour and Positive Behaviour Management
Support Systems and Planning

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course each candidate will be able to:

•Recognise a variety of situations that could be classed as challenging
•Recognise the signs of being challenged and implement prevention skills
•Identify when to leave a situation and ensure the safety of all
•Identify positive reaction and responses to those who challenge
•Highlight situations that personally challenge 
•Develop coping strategies and tools to better manage self and others

What our customers say

I would like to convey our genuine appreciation for the recent course you ran on “Caring Achieved by learning from Memory” (C.A.L.M). This was an exceptional course which gave genuine and practical insight on caring for individuals with Dementia in the moment. The course content was very detailed and delivered with real passion by the lecturer (Chris). I am more than happy to highly recommend this course for anyone (management, carers, relatives) caring for someone with Dementia. My team came out of the course ‘buzzing’ with ideas of how to move forward and improve our approaches to ensure consistent ‘Positive Outcomes’ for our visited clients. The lecturer was able to provide practical tools (Spotting pages, 3 Golden Rules, Thoughts/feelings/behaviour tringle, etc) and explained in simple, understandable language how best to use these and how to evidence for CQC, but more importantly how best to involve our care team in the process. To date this has been one of the most informative and passionate courses I have been on for caring for Dementia.

Andrew Crabtree
Registered Manager, Ladies in Waiting

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