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Activities Co-ordinator CPD Course


This course will focus on creating the skills and knowledge with an emphasis on practical activities and activity planning, a full range of seasonal workshops are included with the underpinning theory to actively stimulate interest in each of your clients.

The six week program covers budgeting, practical activity, and the theory for each service user group, completion of the course will validate each personas a skilled coordinator, it is accredited by A.I.C, Activities in Care UK.

This is six weeks of fun and learning that will benefit all of your service users.

Course Content

Activities for all seasons and sense

Learning Outcomes

What is an activity? What is an activity coordinator?
•Exploring the role of an activity coordinator and looking at the importance of meaningful activities to those in care.
•Looking at all areas of daily life and activities that can positively support physically, emotionally, physiologically and socially.

Day 2
What do people want?
•Discuss person centred care, what does it mean and how can activities be tailored to each person.
•Communication, how do we know what people want, like or dislike?
•logistics and activity delivery.
•How to design a varied programme of activities.

Day 3 & 4
Play, try, learn - Practical activity days
•Taking part in a variety of meaningful activities
•Learning how to design activities that are meaningful
•Sharing ideas
•Assessing the impact of activities.

Day 5
The bits no one sees
•Planning - short, medium and long term
•Risk assessments
•Communication with others in the workplace, family members and the wider community.

Day 6
Bringing it all together
•Summary of learning objectives - revisit 'what is an activity? what is an activity coordinator?' from week 1
•Completion of paperwork and planning
•Design and deliver an activity.
•Final assessment

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