Decent Ben Nkosi

Course Taken The Care Certificate

I think it was good because I have achieved a lot of knowledge and the standard of dealing with disadvantaged people. I will advise every one must go through this course.


Course Taken The Care Certificate

It has has opened my mind more and given me a lot more new knowledge. A great relaxed environment and lovely group to work with. Great Tutor Emma Dibbin 🙂

Chris Beech

Course Taken The Care Certificate

I have really enjoyed the last couple of weeks and have learnt a lot and I will be using the skills I have learnt in the work place!


Course Taken The Care Certificate

Over the last three weeks, it has been extremely educative, exciting and most importantly it makes me feel that I am on track in relation to my career. Also, it has helped me to gain insight of the various areas of social work for exploration. Lastly I am good to go! Hoping to start another course in September.

Leanne Truesdale

Course Taken Safer People Handling

The training was excellent. The lady who came was brilliant. We had two members of staff who were a little overwhelmed and she managed them really well. She was kind and supportive throughout. She also helped talked the staff through a hoist and a change with the little girl who we are using the equipment with which was lovely of her. I was really pleased with the service and will recommend you to other schools I meet in my special needs role.

Yours Sincerely,

Leanne Truesdale
Assistant Head Teacher
Brackenhill Primary School


Course Taken
Managing Violence and Aggression

“One of the best Tutors I have come across. Very knowledgeable and entertaining!”

“Looking forward to attending updates – Amrik was a fantastic tutor. One of the best courses I have attended”

“He was brilliant, though could have introduced us all at the start as none of us knew each other, but the group session made up for it! I really enjoyed it!”

Umar Ali Sajid

Course Taken Safeguarding Adults & Communication

“As a student paying for myself I was a bit daunted to go training in something new. The Care School made me feel at ease and everyone made me feel welcome. I came away feeling very good”.

Lynne Straker

Course Taken Safer People Handling

“I came to training at The Care School and found the atmosphere and facilities very good.  The Tutor was very knowledgeable of the subject being taught and the equipment we were taught on was second to none”.

Sameya Amreen

Course Taken Basic First Aid & CPR

“I love it when my company send me on training to The Care School.  I come away feeling I’ve learnt alot. I have recently worked through some Distance Learning Packs too to teach myself some subjects I am interested in”