How we work

Our organisational aims are: TO SHARE OUR PASSION FOR IMPROVING THE LIVES OF VULNERABLE ADULTS To provide each student with a complete understanding of the level of responsibility the care role requires. To provide each student with accurate information on their legislative requirements linked to the care sector. To provide each student with the knowledge required to make better decisions on care issues and the elimination of poor practice. To provide each student with real skills that will support them trough difficult times, reducing anxiety and adding quality to the lives of others. We do this through delivering real, meaningful and enjoyable training. To meet the standards set by Skills for Care. To meet the guidelines and regulations set by the Health and Safety Executive. To support and guide each student through developing to their full potential.

We talk to people

We watch them learn

We use plain English speak (care student speak)

We are accredited by OCN (Open College Network)

Safer People Handling is our strength.

  Who are we?

The Care School Ltd was originally founded as Bradford & Airedale Care School as a result of working closely with independent care homes and care agencies and improving Commission for Social Care Inspection reports. There proved to be a real need for quality training that could directly impact on the abilities, knowledge and skills that care staff require.

We have since developed into a no-nonsense, plain speaking company that provides training which challenges the candidate’s current thinking, tests their current level of understanding of the key care issues with the aim of motivating each candidate to achieve their full potential, and improve the lives of those they care for.

We are the single most flexible, accessible and creative training company in the region, with solid experience and knowledge of the care sector at every level. We strive to improve our services constantly and have an excellent reputation for working with care providers to meet their organisational needs.

Trainers who deliver our bespoke courses all have a real passion for the care of others and have a proven track record in the care field. All trainers continually develop through a structured program and all courses are bespoke and up to date.

We work hard to ensure all course candidates receive a quality experience supported by excellent administration and certification processes.